Our Lady of Lourdes Rectory and School


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School demolished, 7/17/2014

Rectory demolished, 7/2/2014


Rectory is red brick building on left, part of the school is on the right


Photo credit: David Torke, FixBuffalo; Buffalo Rising; George Apfel; Christine Slocum


1091 Main Street, Buffalo NY 14209
Also known as 1107 Main Street
Ellicott Council District
SBL Number: 100.71-2-49.1
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Next to: Our Lady of Lourdes Church and Saint Paul Mall


9274 Group Inc., Ellicott Development. See below for Ellicott Development property listing.

Physical Description

Two story brick rectory and three story brick school total just under 30,000 sq.ft. on a .63 acre lot

Current Condition

  • July 2, 2014 - Rectory demolished.
  • July 17, 2014 - School demolished.
  • Church remains abandoned, vacant, boarded.
  • Demolition contractor is Empire Building Diagnostics.


  • 1898 - Our Lady of Lourdes Parish church built
  • 1993 - Parish closes

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2009 - Ellicott Development purchases convent and school from Prayer & Praise Fellowships Inc. for $370,000.
  • 2010 - Ellicott Development seeks to demolish rectory before pulling the application
  • April 2010 - Ellicott Development bought the church at 1115 Main Street for $40,000 from 1115 Main Street Inc.
  • 2012 - Ellicott Development cleared out and demolished an in-use city street, Saint Paul Mall
  • May 2014 - Demolition proposed to Preservation Board on their 5/8/2014 meeting agenda.
    • Ellicott Development seeks to "Redevelop the northeast corner of Main Street and St. Paul Mall. As part of the development they will demolish the former rectory and school building and one additional house (47 St. Paul Mall) on site to construct a large multi-story building."
    • Demolition plan had little to do with the condition of the buildings. As explained to the preservation board, it is merely because they do no like they site layout of the buildings. The Preservation Board unanimously denied the request, which only bought these buildings one month of protection.
  • June 2014 - Preparations for demolition: Fencing put up around buildings, excavator on site, asbestos abatement being done.
  • July 2, 2014 - Demolition begins

Other Pertinent Facts


Ellicott Development

Carl and William Paladino's company, Ellicott Development, or corporations it controls: (Ellicott Group LLC, Pearl Group LLC, Huron Group Inc, Tupper Group Inc, Deltup LLC, Del-Al LLC, 84 Group, 1238 Group, 1239 Group, 4858 Group, 5277 Group, 9274 Group, etc.), owns these buildings or parcels of preservation concern (not a complete list):

You can also view this list at Ellicott's category page.

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