Graystone Hotel / Berkeley Apartments


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Photos courtesy: David Torke fixBuffalo, Ellicott Development, and Buffalo Rising


24 Johnson Park Buffalo, NY 14202
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Ellicott Council District
SBL: 111.37-3-3
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Next to: Hotel Touraine, 28 Johnson Park
Across from: Matthews Building


Carl Paladino, Ellicott Development
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Carl and William Paladino's company, Ellicott Development, or corporations it controls: (Ellicott Group LLC, Pearl Group LLC, Huron Group Inc, Tupper Group Inc, Deltup LLC, Del-Al LLC, 84 Group, 1238 Group, 1239 Group, 4858 Group, 5277 Group, 9274 Group, etc.), owns these buildings or parcels of preservation concern (not a complete list):

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Physical Description

  • Italian Renaissance architectural style
  • A six-story residential building with 'a beautiful and highly detailed classical facade cast in reinforced concrete. It is one of the earliest uses of the material, perhaps even the first large scale use of reinforced concrete.' (Buffalo Rising)
  • 'Its neoclassical façade features graceful ancones supporting handsome pediments above window treatments with small balustrades between stories, roofline pediments, and a distinctive columned portico that reaches all the way to the curb.' (Buffalo Spree)
  • 'The western two thirds of the building are reinforced concrete, while the eastern one-third is steel and brick construction.' (Mike Puma, Views of Buffalo)

Current Condition

A construction worker fell through the roof and was seriously injured in 2003. The hole remained and work ceased for a decade. In 2013, work was again underway to convert the building into 42 market-rate apartments, which will restore many original features, including over 320 original windows.


  • 'Built between 1894 and 1897. It was originally planned to extend all the way to Delaware Avenue. Due to financial difficulty, a second owner took over in 1896 and completed a shortened version using steel and brick construction.' (Mike Puma, Views of Buffalo)
  • 'The building was designed by Buffalo architect Carlton T. Strong and Ernest L. Ransome, an English-born architect who first experimented with reinforced concrete construction by using twisted metal rods to strengthen the material....(it is) also distinguished by the way its construction technology was used to create a building with the appearance of a stone exterior.' (Buffalo Spree)
  • It served visitors of the Pan-American Exposition in 1901 and once housed 63 apartment units.
  • It changed names from Berkley Apartments to Graystone Hotel in 1912.
  • "In 1958, the 104 room hotel was sold at auction after a mortgage foreclosure by the Buffalo Savings Bank. The hotel was sold for $81,000... The US Department of Urban Housing and Development rented out space in The Graystone Hotel in the 1980′s and into the 90′s." (Buffalo Then and Now)

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2002 - Ellicott Development purchased the building for $150,000
  • 2003 - Construction worker fell through roof. Later, vegetation, including trees, grew in and about the hole.
  • 2003-2012 - City Housing Court issued 34 appearance orders to Ellicott for code violations in the building. (Buffalo Rising)
  • 2012 - Restoration work resumed
  • 2013 - from August 2013 Buffalo Rising article:
    • "For the first time in two decades, the Hotel Graystone will soon have legal occupants. Ellicott Development is putting the finishing touches on 42 market-rate apartments in the landmark building. The first apartments will be ready for tenants on September 1."

Other Pertinent Facts

The Graystone is on the National Register of Historic Places.


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