901 Elmwood Avenue


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901 Elmwood Avenue
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Photo credit: Sean Ryan

901 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo NY 14222


  • Elmwood Village Properties LLC (Ellicott Development)

Physical Description

Current Condition


Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • Purchased by Ellicott Development 10/13/2016.
  • Adjacent to 189 Saint James Place.
  • Adjacent to 905 Elmwood Avenue.
  • Adjacent to 619 West Delavan Avenue (LOST).
  • Adjacent to 621 West Delavan Avenue (LOST).
  • This building is at High Risk because adjacent houses at 619 and 621 West Delavan were demolished March 12, 2019, presumably to allow for a "town house" new build in their places. While this may happen, many observers think the entire buy/demolish sequence is about adding to the parking lot for 905 Elmwood Avenue. This house and 189 Saint James Place are also adjacent to 905 Elmwood and are at High Risk for demolition.
  • Statement from Assemblymember Sean Ryan, March 13, 2019:
When I met with Billy Paladino a few years ago, he told me not to be nervous about Ellicott Development buying properties around their new build at 905 Elmwood Ave.
I was assured these properties were only purchased so Ellicott could control the area around their investment and that these homes would be kept to the highest standard, ensuring the neighborhood around their new building was in good condition.
Earlier this week after letting two houses on West Delavan sit vacant and decay for years despite those promises, Ellicott demolished two homes in the Elmwood Village National Historic District
We can't change what's already happened, but going forward we need to know, will one of their other buildings in our neighborhood be next for the wrecking ball? Are they planning to demolish the homes they own at 901 Elmwood or 189 St. James Place to create another entrance to their parking lot? The neighborhood needs to be secure that Paladino and Ellicott will stop demolishing our neighborhood
The Elmwood Village has been a mix of residential homes and small shops for decades, and we can't allow big developers to continue to view our neighborhood as a profit center and not as a place where we live and raise our children. We all need to work together to make sure the things that make Elmwood special are not taken from us.

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Ellicott Development

Carl and William Paladino's company, Ellicott Development, or corporations it controls: (Ellicott Group LLC, Pearl Group LLC, Huron Group Inc, Tupper Group Inc, Deltup LLC, Del-Al LLC, 84 Group, 1238 Group, 1239 Group, 4858 Group, 5277 Group, 9274 Group, etc.), owns these buildings or parcels of preservation concern (not a complete list):

You can also view this list at Ellicott's category page.

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