Demolition By Neglect

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Demolition by neglect is, unfortunately, a common practice in the City of Buffalo.

This route to demolition begins when an owner neglects basic maintenance on their building. Add to this a lack of proper code enforcement and at some point, the owner applies for and is granted a permit to demolish the building because of its poor condition.

We put buildings in this category if we see signs this is happening - negative changes to the building, such as removal of windows; obvious lack of maintenance or security over a period of time; falling behind on property taxes; an apparent need by the owner for room for parking or other "vacant land" use. A common phrase used by those wishing to demolish is "it's an eyesore!"

We also have a few historical examples such as the Falcon Building at Wadsworth and Allen and 454 Connecticut Street.

If you spot a building you think is suffering from demolition by neglect, please let us know about it.

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Demolition By Neglect